Older Than Dirt

Memories meander through time on a voyage over oceans and ages. One of them traveled back to the day God said, “Let us make man in our image, and after our own likeness”. Remembering these words came easy, because at that time we were talking about how the Neanderthals were still dragging their knuckles. Mother Nature’s course of evolution had done a fine job so far, but God knew He could do it better.

God made man in His own image, both male and female; He created them and blessed them. God gave them dominion over every living thing that moved upon the earth, including the cattle of the land, even the fish of the seas, and the fowls of the air. Every living thing that moved on the earth was a gift to humanity. whose purpose was to subdue and replenish the earth. God said to be fruitful and multiply, this is His Divine Will.

When God created man there were living beings throughout the universe, and even upon a planet that evolved naturally. The original beings were 144,000 angels assigned to watch over and serve God’s creation. We watched in awe as the beginning of time became manifest before our very eyes. We watched this all week long! Of course, in God’s Kingdom time is not measured in earth’s twenty-four-hour days. There are millions of earth years in just one of God’s days, and seven days in God’s house is an exceptionally long time compared to a week on this little planet.

The book you now have in your hand could consider the 5,700 years that we spent just writing literature, poems, letters, translations, commentaries, and our thoughts for your edification. Many writings I can recall; and others I recognize as being my own or messages God had sent me to deliver. This Autobiography of an Angel begins in 1965 but could have ended in the summer of 1967 if God had not intervened on that 6th of May when police attacked me with prejudice and vengeance! Instead of dropping dead like an ordinary man a journey across the USA became my primary objective.

With only my guitar, a thumb for hitchhiking, and more faith than imaginable; I set out for a distant shore. This is a true story about the revelations that enlightened me and set many others free. The self-realization that follows when a person is free from the bondage that is the fear of death is so enlightening that it is equal to being born again. The Lord said that you must be born again, meaning at the very least, a spiritual rebirth.

One day while walking along the road to our house and looking toward a mountain range beyond the lake, inspiration hit unexpectedly. In a very straight forward manner, my prayer to God the Father made its way to heaven. Love for God was only natural and made me want to be like Jesus in every way. To walk anywhere necessary in order to render my service with such devotion that people would recognize the similitude. With only a desire for freedom from concerns for food, clothes, and shelter in order to be God’s servant. I set out on a journey through this life that should be like a stroll in the garden.

The first journey led to a Box Canyon Monastery known as the Fountain of the World. This was the Order of Melchizedek. The brothers of this order never cut their hair, instead they kept it in braids. The robes they had were gray with a silver sash. Roman sandals and trimmed beards made the look saintlier and more appealing.

A creek flowed near the compound and buildings made of rock and mortar stood amidst the tall oak trees. They designed the meeting hall around a large oak tree with branches extending beyond the roof. A stage was built front and center where the group met.

While sitting beside the stream a melody came into my mind that expressed the serenity of the moment. Adlibitum seemed right for the title, I did not understand the meaning of the word I wrote it on the top of the manuscript any way. Later that day someone told me this is the Latin term for at liberty. It was early morning and the sun was about to rise. After climbing to the peak of the mountain to watch the sun come into sight, I realized that the earth was turning as it came in to view. Suddenly a big golden robed figure appeared from within the rays of the sun, moving closer and closer with His arms reaching out in a peaceful gesture. This was a manifestation of God! As He drew near, I closed my eyes because I did feel unworthy to look directly into the face of our Heavenly Father. A sudden gust of wind rushed by and words rang loud and clear, “You are doing a fine job my boy, keep up the good work.”

God had just spoken, and this is undeniable. He so real that my vow to serve Him in a manner that would keep Him pleased motivated me to offering my body as a temple. He took me up on this and lives there still. Yet in the midst this experience, God’s sense of humor became evident with what may have been one heck of an angelic joke.

The mountain’s rocky surface was uncomfortable to sit on; so, it seemed to be a good idea to take off my jeans and fold them into a cushion. Being half naked on a mountaintop watching God come out of the eastern sky is a memorable event for sure, but what happened next seems more like a miracle. That gust of wind must have blown away my Levi’s, or they just disappeared. It would not be wise to hitchhike in that condition, and even more foolish to try to walk all the way. Then out of nowhere a pickup truck came driving along the fire trail. The driver said this was his annual inspection of Box Canyon to make sure the path was clear in case of a wildfire. He offered a ride and pretended not to notice his passenger was a half-naked hippie with an unusual glow.