Fugitive from Injustice

On February 2, 2019, I went to the Food Mart / ARCO three times. The first time I put $8.50 on my card, the next time I spent $46.00 for a hat and gloves, and other necessities. Later that day I spilled a chemical on my hand and caused a layer of skin to peel off my thumb.

I went to Foodmart for a cup of coffee since it would be a half hour wait for the bus. While stirring the coffee, the clerk walked up and gave me an ugly look then went back to check out a customer. Suddenly he came up and grabbed me from behind to shove me out of the store, saying he was calling the cops to tell them I was going to steal that coffee. He just assumed I was going to walk off without paying, so said, “I’ll just go to Circle K across the street”. 

While in Circle K with a cup of coffee and a donut in my hand a Peoria PD came inside and ordered me to leave the store. He poured out my coffee and also threw the donut in the trash. Once outside he used excessive force twisting my back like a chiropractor.

When I pushed against it the cop told me to“Quit Resisting” and continued till I heard it pop like the work of a bad chiropractor. Once in the car he said he could take me to either the hospital or jail. I wound up about 20 blocks from home at a hospital running up a big bill with an IV and a bunch of x-rays. I told them to take the Saline IV out because I was going to go somewhere else to get treatment. I went to John C. Lincoln where they did things right. The doctor pulled off my hanging thumbnail and trimmed away the lawyer of skin. It’s fine now. 

Later, Peoria PD issued a warrant for my arrest with a $700.00 bail on a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct and fighting. After they arrested me, I saw a copy of the citation; the signature was a poorly executed forgery. Not at all like my actual signature. In my opinion, this situation was a set up to allow the Peoria PD to get my fingerprints for a background check. A Long-Haired Bearded Hippie is likely to be a drug addict. However, I am a High Priest and have been so ordained since November 5, 1967, at the Fountain of the World which is in The Order of Melchizedek. 

This same clerk called the police on my wife after she asked if he would call me at home. She needed me to buy orange juice because sugar level was too low. Instead the Peoria PD sent her to Mesa where she was wanted for a bogus charge. She was about to faint and asked for a drink of water. The clerk refused because she did not have her own water cup. She wound up on the floor and the cop gave her a ticket for not having an ID. She managed to get to the hospital and was there when the court expected her. She wound up in County jail for twelve days and they did not treat her diabetes. She spent thirty more days in ICU. The damages are the liability of the Food Mart and the Peoria Police. I now intend to bring forth litigation seeking real and punitive damages. This document is the truth to the best of my recollection. 

I'm mad as hell and I ain't going to take it any more.

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