Unrecognized Genius

How should I even start to begin this summation of my own existence, having been classified as Seriously Mentally Ill by people with mediocre minds. People who are unable to comprehend an extraordinary artistic expression of a creative genius. Regardless of whether presented through sight or sound, written or spoken; it’s only a figment of my imagination and token of the magnitude and complexity of a situation comparable to a paramecium implanted in neurotically into a microcosm with parenthetical fantasmolisims emulating visual pandemonium and omnipotence simultaneously.

It’s like good and evil being in a single incarnation. A self-realized soul and spiritual warrior described as the destroyer and friend of the Supreme Personality of God or most high in one verse of Revelations 9, KJV.

These are three distinct personalities in one body, Me Myself and I. Trey Haltom, Oliver Pepper and Madhavendra Puri: Trey is the Computer Wiz, Oliver the Songwriter, and Madhavendra the High Priest. We are three of the authors of Falling Figs Journal Volume 1.

Please explore these websites and internet archives for Trey Haltom and Rodney Haltom. Rodney has recently returned to Arizona from Costa Rica and is settling into his new home in Youngtown. We have spent most of our adult lives on different continents, so I’m looking forward to producing at least one more CD for the Falling Figs Music, LLC, BMI catalog. I intend to collaborate with friends I have connected with on ReverbNation.

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