The Gentile Warrior

Near the end of the Vietnam War I had the opportunity to perform for troops stationed in Vietnam on a USO Tour, but it never happened! President Nixon told General Westmoreland to make sure I was booked for the USO Tour of December in 1972. However, the road to peace would require the massive bombing of Hanoi by B-52 Bombers. The airstrike lasted for eight full days and became known as the Christmas Bombings. It was the most intense bombing campaign of the Vietnam War. The President’s strategy worked: the peace treaty was signed, and our troops began to come home. There was no need for Bob Hope and the beauties that accompanied him on the annual Christmas USO show.

Recently I announced my support for our bombers, and all the Armed Forces that are finding themselves deep in the wallows of this quagmire with dire situations and mortal combat. Dropping bombs on Syria, rattling our sabers, and deploying battle ships, aircraft carriers, and whatever else the Pentagon Brass believe is necessary to send a clear message to North Korea and China that our Commander in Chief is a real business man; and come Hell or high-water, he means business.

If it seems to you like we are in a period of great tribulations; like in the end times, according to the Book of Revelations: then I would concur. John Lennon and George Harrison were two of the angels described in the ninth chapter of Revelations: The Locusts with faces like men and hair like women, who had power in their voices, with breastplates of steel and tails like scorpions, and the sound of their Wings would be as horses and chariots going into battle. Even though two woes would soon pass, they would not harm the grass of the Earth, or any green thing. The purpose of their mission was to torment people who were without the Seal of God in their forehead.

Supporting war is never a popular notion, but sometimes you have to do unto them others before they do it to you. Furthermore, without all this escalation of hostilities President Trump will never be able to lead us straight into Armageddon to fulfill the final prophesies that allow the return of Jesus Christ, and the beginning of the thousand year reign of peace here on Mother Earth. So, let it be. Let us finally get ourselves back to the garden, because that is my job as the angel mentioned in the same chapter of Revelations describing the Beatles.

This is all explained in my book, the Falling Figs Journal Volume 1. The printed versions will be a collector’s item soon because they will no longer be made available when the next edition is published. So in the meantime you can request a free PDF version as my gift to you, compliments of Falling Figs Music at Oliver Pepper’s Place online

I Remain Forever Yours

Trey Haltom, BMI ~ Singer/Songwriter
Falling Figs Music Publishing Company
Colonel Oliver Wimbleton Pepper IV BMI

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